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In today's dynamic and uncertain world, crisis is all pervasive! It is imperative for businesses and individuals to be prepared for any crisis situation for effective crisis management as scenarios involving losses of life of key executives or workers on premises, fraud or theft involving intellectual property or physical assets or veiled or unveiled attacks on reputation can adversely impact the survival of business. There have been scenarios in Indian corporate involving Workplace Violence, High-Risk Terminations and Natural Disasters that can lead to bigger crisis having an impact on business continuity.

Over the years, there has been a growing interest regarding crisis management in India particularly among businesses and individuals with a reputation worth defending. As such, there is a special place for crisis management in public relations and Creativizt offers the best crisis management services in India!

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The most effective crisis management occurs when potential crises are detected and dealt with quickly even before they can impact the organization's business. Creativizt helps you anticipate and prepare for potential crisis situations by preparing comprehensive crisis management plan that features contingency plans, crisis management manuals and crisis communication guidelines.

In instances where the crisis has already erupted, or if it is inevitable that the crisis is visible to the organization's key stakeholders, the role of public relations in crisis management becomes all the more important. A well thought out crisis containment, reputation management and business continuity plan needs to be chalked out and carefully implemented to minimize the disruption and damage.

Management of crisis is one of the key responsibilities of managers and executives at all levels of an organization. Their crisis management skills are put to real test when they have to manage a serious crisis situation having the potential to disrupt the organization's normal operations or threatens its income streams or reputation, operating expenses, stock price, competitive position and ongoing business.

Organizations that have a well thought out business continuity plan for responding to likely disruptions are in a better position to minimize the business impact and contain reputation or financial loss. Such organizations are also found to be more sensitive to possible crisis situations and as a result their managers are able to respond rapidly and more effectively to fend off the crisis.

Recognising the important role that your team plays in a crisis situation and to enable your organisation to be better able to manage crisis, Creativizt offers crisis management training for Executives and Managers at all levels of hierarchy in an organisation.

Business crisis management is one of the key areas that Creativizt specialises in and helps its clients with. We can help you in developing a crisis management plan and also the crisis communication strategy that minimize the disruption and financial impact of a sudden or ensuing crisis event so the client's business can be returned to normal, profitable operations in the shortest possible time. Creativizt's crisis management and crisis communication services include:

  • Crisis Anticipation, Prevention & Preparation
  • Crisis Response & Management
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Crisis Communication Training
  • Crisis Simulation Workshops
  • Reputation Management
  • Online Crisis Management
  • Social Media Crisis Management

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